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Trends should be anticipated — It’s time to make a significant difference & outsmart your opponents. That’s the power of intuition, and we can engineer it for you. Build your engines!

Custom Salesforce

Multi-functional insights and reporting; Applicable data dashboards; Customer-focused automation; Dynamic customer interactions; Optimized processes; Simplified collaboration.

Data Science & AI
Custom Product

Artificial Intelligence and data science focus on collecting, categorizing, strategizing, analyzing, and interpreting data.

Creation of custom products according to client’s needs.

Software Development
Team Outsourcing

Improve your software development capabilities, outsourcing for your IT operations. We build high-performance solutions.

Cyber Security Services

Endpoint device management; email spam and virus protection; DNS breach prevention; firewall IDS, IPS alerts and monitoring; vulnerability scans.

Why Choose Marra Technologies?

We use agile approaches to assist companies deal with difficulties of modern corporate dilemmas. Understanding today’s technology may seem challenging, but consider us your IT gurus. Working closely with your team, we create solutions that are in line with your company’s mission and objectives, and accompany you every step of the journey.

Technology-inspired Problem Solving

We identify and select technologies to develop solution architectures and provide services that address your business needs. With a passion for innovation and the best possible results, we collaborate with renowned software providers such as Salesforce® and Microsoft, and combine their platforms with our own solutions.

Tomorrow’s technology, today.

Planning and analysis, design and app development, testing and deployment, monitoring, and success tracking — we think about everything. All you need to do is let us help you thrive.

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Highly advanced, frontier technology beyond our competitor’s capabilities. From workflow to customer organization and automated procedures, we have a firm grasp on just about everything your business needs to run seamlessly.


We develop cutting-edge technology solutions perfectly customized to your needs and preferences. We strive to provide optimal ideas that encompass everything you and your team members require.

Everything your business needs in one simple well-put-together package that’s a lot more efficient and cost-effective when acquired in a bundle.

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