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Looking for a custom-made technological solution that will upgrade your current workflow & boost your business?

We offer a plethora of apps designed to turn complex work into a piece of cake. Our products easily integrate with apps & platforms you use on a daily basis: G suite, social media, email providers, Slack, Dropbox, you name it.

The Perfect Work Environment.

Broad-spectrum of opportunities & upgrades — almost anything you think of can be added to your software app to evolve it into an even better version fitted just for you.

Our Products

Alana — Healthcare Management Solution

A Salesforce® CRM solution designed specifically for physicians who treat patients who have suffered workplace injuries. It collects all records and diagnoses, generates charts, delivers 3D presentations, and more — all in one easy-to-access location.


Themis — Legal Practice Management Solution

An advanced Salesforce®-based solution for attorneys, notary publics & executors. It is the #1 customized legal software for organizing clients, cases, billing, reporting, and more.


Insurance CRM Solution

A highly-reliable app for insurance companies and brokers. It provides detailed information on each respective insurance case, shows scheduled meetings & alerts the agent, reminds them of upcoming seminars, due payment dates, and much more.

Car Dealer Management System

Salesforce®-based app for automotive exporters & importers that gathers all your customer’s contact information, segmenting them into specific groups that share common interests, behaviors, sources, etc., which you can later use for marketing goals & generate much higher revenues.

Avoid Malpractice Claims!

Control over full-cycle workflow helps avoid potential claims deriving from malpractice.

The Most Powerful Software That’s Easy to Understand.

Why? Product mentoring.

Our expert team members will guide you through the product you choose and give you tips on how to make the most of the app.

This is the Future of Supreme Organization.

Our products are the #1 key to an efficient working environment that delivers spectacular business outcomes & exquisite teamwork relationships.

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Our consultations help customers better understand their own challenges, identify their strengths, uncover growth opportunities, and find the best possible solutions.

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